Linkeeper (BD) Limited: Information Technology

Linkeeper (BD) Ltd. provides one stop automated solution for your Company. Based on your company requirements we have different IT products and services to full fill your needs. Linkeeper (BD) Ltd. is focusing exclusively in high quality and cost-effective software development and implementation of services. We are evolving on a remarkable step and with involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization. We are currently working with Government, MNCs, Large Corporate and SME Sector. We have also serving our services in different developed countries (USA, UK, Canada).


Main Strength of LINKEEPER (BD) LTD. lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation. Increasing customer’s awareness is the strength where it excels over its competitors.LINKEEPER (BD) LTD. understands the need for skill transfer to client personnel. Our offers cover the following major areas:

  • System Analysis & Design
  • Business process reengineering
  • Process development localization
  • Customized and target oriented Workflow
  • Specialization in Client / Server and Internet / Intranet application and technologies
  • Customized software development as
    ancillary product for deployed international software
  • international Software Deployment –
    product localization Customization
  • Network Monitoring/ Network Management
  • Network, Security & Threat Management
  • Enterprise Server & Storage Solution
  • Desktop maintenance and support
  • Server maintenance and support
  • Disaster Recovery and Storage Management
  • Enterprise-grade LAN Cabling
  • Infrastructure Management Solution
  • Data Centre Operations and Service Delivery
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Management
  • Change/request implementation
  • Web based support & solution development
  • E-business solutions
  • Data conversion & data entry
  • Overall automation consultancy

Linkeeper (BD) Limited: Information Technology

Our young and talented programmers have a wide range of experience in developing systems. Our programming skill involves:

  • VB, Visual C++, Java, VB for Application (VBA) and Microsoft .Net Platform.
  • PHP, Perl/CGI, Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Java Script, VB Scripts
Mobile Apps Development
  • Android & IOS
  • Flash and Flash Script.
  • Microsoft IIS and Apache
  • Microsoft Platform and Linux/Unix
Data Base
  • Oracle, My Sql


Our approach focuses on new ways of business, thereby combining IT innovations and adoptionwhile leveraging an organization’s current assets.
Our team is committed to provide IT Services with:
• Quality
• Technology, Innovation, Support


Our main emphasis is to deliver best quality in every project we undertake. With our time-tested business methodology, and structured solution building approach.


Technology leadership is the most successful strategy to challenge competitors and consolidate our position since business and technology work hand in hand. Our firm’s belief in this synthesis has motivated and enabled us to deliver solutions with a decisive competitive advantage. Linkeeper (BD) Ltd. today is a new generation framework of technology innovators to accelerate growth.
In each of our project, we emphasize on innovation. Our structured team works with a methodology and knowledge to innovate and deliver excellent services. We are committed to provide development and tech-support to software and high–tech companies with the required infrastructure at a competitive rate. On the support side, we provide Team leads, Senior, and Junior Technical support personnel on a 24 x 7 basis.


1. Define 2. Build 3. Application Setup & Deploy 4. Integrate & 5. Support & Contractual Infrastructure

Negotiation and execution of contracts with key suppliers

  • Desktop & Infrastructure provisioning and support
  • Software Licensing
  • Offsite Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery Sites
  • Market Data eg Bloomberg, Reuters, MarkiT, Moodys, S&P
  • Application software

Basic infrastructure Setup

  • Telecoms Connectivity
  • Data-centre
  • Network Setup & Service
  • FSA/Security Compliance
  • Off-site Backup
  • DR Capability

Application Setup

  • Manage RFP/RFQ process & evaluation
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Select Tech Platform
  • Development & Configuration
  • Deployment & DR
  • Overnight Scheduling
  • Monitoring

3rd Party Integration

  • Outsource function e.g. 0 Et BO
  • Broker/Market Feeds
  • Integrate with custom code e.g. Pricing Analytics
  • P & l Reports
  • Risk Sensi / Scenarios
  • Portfolio Performance

Support / Enhancement

  • Follow the Sun’ 24×7 Support Model
  • Technical Expertise in ALL locations
  • Proactively Monitor & Manage Production Environment.
  • Strict Adherence to SLAs
  • Certified Production Releases